New Update Schedule Etc.

Hello everybody!

Just a quick note that, since I've started updating my webcomic once a week now on deviantArt, I am going to change the schedule for this website as well. Chapter 4 is already finished on deviantArt, and we're a few pages into chapter 5 already, so I have a queue set up so all the pages I have currently will be uploaded within the next few days.

Also, updates are now going to be every Saturday, instead of every Friday.


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Hello Again!

Hello again, lovely people of the internet! How have your lives been? Hopefully well, because it would suck it they weren't. The cold month of February is upon us, and....I was suddenly struck with the realization I hadn't logged into SmackJeeves in almost 2 months.


S-so, I know I said in my last news entry that I would upload chapter 2 after chapter 1 was done, but....I suck. I forgot. Feel free to throw abnormally large chunks of metal at me, for I deserve it. *Ducks behind brick wall of protection*

Anyways, I realize now that not updating is a bad thing. So I've programmed the first page of chapter 2 to come out starting tomorrow (feb 6) at midnight, and update with one page a day until chapter 2 is finished. The completed chapter 2 is on my deviantart (, for those who aren't patient or would rather view the pages larger or something similar. I've recently started chapter 3 after a brief hiatus, so that's currently in progress.

Now then, about my update schedule! I'm smack in the middle of my freshman year of college, so life is pretty irregular for me. This, of course, makes it difficult to keep a regular comic flow going. So, I don't have a regular update schedule. I upload pages when I have them done.

NOW BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT and go "aw man, this comic is never gonna upload ever" and make disapproving noises, know this: I will try my very best to have at least 1 page done per week. More than that depending on my workload and outside activities and stuff. So you can look forward to that. :3

Anyways, now I'm sleepy. Gonna go to sleep and stuff. TTYL, internet friends. <3


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Hello Internet!

Hello there, people of the internet. Nice to meet you.

Anyways, since this is my first news post, I figure I should talk about PSY a little bit. Firstly, since people probably want to know this: I've already finished chapter 1. In fact, by tomorrow it should be up. (I have it coming out one page at a time, one hour apart until 5 tomorrow morning. :D) Chapter 2 I'm almost finished with, but I really just wanted to get chapter 1 out so people could get an idea of the story. And so I'd have more than 2 pages out. I'm impatient. DX

Chapter 1 is 16 pages, just for the record. Chapter 2 is 19 pages, 17 of which are finished.

Chapter 2 I'll probably upload a page a day starting Monday.

And this is all for now. Peace. :)


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